There has been a lot of buzz these days on the variety and multitude of options that an individual is offered in the Car Financing sector in United Kingdom.  May that be the dealers or the Banks whose schemes, and eye capturing plans have over flowed the market .A car at your doorstep undergoes a full fledged procedure. In order to get the wisest choice one needs to pay attention, and explore more. Bad Credit Car Finance Company basically covers up the recent trends, deals, and gives a overview about the prerequisite information that you need to acquire before making a decision in accordance with your financial condition. Our company also provide you an insight into the services that can be availed with your plan as well as the pros and cons of your decision. 

Our most relevant and established options and services for Car Finance, are divided into three categories as follow: 

                 “ DEALER CAR FINANCE ”


• The possession of car is secured till the final payment of installments.
• Under this Plan you have to pay installments at a monthly basis with a initial deposit of 10 % .
• A failure in paying an installment leads to loss of possession.
• The servicing may vary according to the terms and conditions of the dealer.


• Under this plan an initial deposit and monthly installments are to be paid till you settle the amount with a “balloon payment” in lump sum.
• The car can be sold out or changed too to settle the amount and get a new model.
• “Minimum guaranteed future value” (MGFV) is a cost efficient advantage that is followed by mileage and condition required to be kept.


• Under this plan at least an initial deposit of 3 months followed by monthly installment.
• No possession of the car but easy switching to new car.
• The overall leasing capacity is decided on the car type, length and the agreed mileage.
• APR and monthly installment rates should be checked.


  • No interest on monthly payment.
  • High deposit rate as much as 35%
  • Failure to repay the loan results in a switch to higher interest rate scheme eventually. 

               “ INDEPENDENT CAR FINANCE ”


  • You can easily get a loan according to a clean credit rating from a bank or lender with high APR rate but no deposit.
  • Loan cover time can be decided as you want.
  • Depreciation cost applies.


  • With your sufficient credit limit, the car can be sanctioned.
  • APR maybe high.
  • There may be uneven demands and problem of acceptance by the lender.


  • Under this you can mortgage your immovable assets such as house and pay rent for the succeeding months.


• Current UK address
• Phone no and email address
• Annual income
• General Outgoings


A Bad credit Car Finance is misunderstood as a position where you can’t get a loan ,but its not the case as a customer with a bad credit history can avail a very fewer options as there are a limited no of lenders or dealers who are willing to provide their services. Still you can get a decent deal with its own positives and negatives such as quick cash in the first place but high interest rates and extra fees with over charges. There are ways to improve your credit by regular payment of installments and abiding by the rules, regulations and terms of the lender.


It can be concluded after going through the entire analysis of the Car Finance sector that there are options for each customers need, and the market has abundant schemes that can be cost efficient resulting in drastic savings if chosen wisely. Hence to make your dreams come true do a little bit of homework.


A range of advertisements and marketing by the lenders and Banks in the Car Finance sector usually claims and argue at length about the  rock solid guarantee over the plans they have formulated, and sell them aggressively in the market on a regular basis. The point of marketing that they sell as truth is a “100% safe and secure plan with minimum interest and cost efficiency to each customers financial condition”. In this scenario, complexities and confusion generally prevails in the minds of clients as to what is the wisest option to entertain.


There are arguably a few factors that need to be analyzed and assessed in order to understand the smart way that needs to be build to hit the exact button or the exact plan for you. After going through the plans and their pros and cons, the client gets a broad option of schemes and offers which contains multiple folds of interest rates ,APR’s ,deposit rate etc. The following things can be kept in mind to come over confusion and avoid a hasty decision :-


  • Your credit rating or history and assessment of financial condition helps you to choose a fit plan.
  • Explore the market and options as in compare the different policies.
  • Look out for lesser deposit rate and lesser interest rates as well.
  • Have a clear understanding of your requirement and budget.
  • Don’t fall for alluring schemes too quickly.
  • Keep your priorities sorted.
  • APR needs to be analyzed by giving time and research.


Besides this companies and Finance websites such as Car Finance 247, Hitachi Personal Finance, Money Super market, Confused.com etc provides with Loan calculators and links to the best Banks and dealers available according to your condition and requirements.  A complete blue print of the most cost efficient and attractive deal is what they offer that too in a limited time period.


There is no such concept as a guaranteed car finance that may fit into each and every aspect as the complete and wholesome plan which is inclusive of all components but on a brighter note if these suggestions are followed then it can make you a smarter customer.