About Us

A breathe of fresh air for Car Finance.

About Car Finance Bad Credit

We are Car Finance Bad Credit HQ in Glasgow, Scotland. We offer bad credit car finance and people find us by typing into Google Guaranteed Car Finance in the UK. We proudly invite you to a beautiful office located at 272 Bath Street, Glasgow. Our next expansion should be in London. 

As one of Scotland’s leading car finance and van loan companies, people say we are: Unique, Different, Special. 

Why? Because we care.

Stop being refused for car finance and get us to work on your behalf.

Auto Finance Mission

 Car Finance Bad Credit was founded in October 2009 and have successfully built strong links with some of the UK’s leading lenders in car and van finance, that focus on helping people like you with a bad credit score. 

Our aim hasn’t changed over the last 9 years, we are looking to achieve a 100% Guarantee car finance, but as you know it’s not possible.  

Service, instant decisions, support from initial contact to getting your car is what we are about.

Car finance companies are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

James Brown

21 years working in financial firms in the USA and now the UK

Lora Nilsson

Senior Partner in Car Finance Bad Credit

Jessie fielding

Our customers sweetheart, always available and always on hand to solve any critical or last minute problems.

Sarah Tan

Technical specialist dealing with finance companies.

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